Case Studies
Health Protection Agency 

The successful removal and storage of an internal library containing approximately ten thousand books and publications.

“I was initially attracted to use you by the simple fact that you alone read and properly understood the specification I had drawn up. The job was completed on time, with less fuss, mess and interruption than I would have thought possible.” David Perry – Librarian

As a result of undergoing planned refurbishment works, the library required that books and publications, totalling approximately ten thousand, be moved into storage for protection. The period of storage was approximately 9 months, at the end of which they were returned to the library ready for reopening. We operated on site, with minimal disturbance to neighbouring offices and people, to safely and sequentially pack the books and publications into boxes. The boxes were recorded and organised using a mixture of colour coded labels and bar coding to ensure easy delivery back to their relevant library location.

Daimler Chrysler

Over 300,000 contracts were boxed, referenced, labeled and transferred to CG Archive storage facility.

“Control Group has provided an excellent document storage solution since 1996, we are extremely impressed with their service and with the efficiency of the retrieval system. We are happy to recommend their services to any potential customers” Jannette Brown  - Archive Supervisor

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